December 14, 2008

Circle Punched Frame Card

I really get a lot of inspiration from other card crafters. Some people come up with the most unique ways to decorate a card. In September I came across a blog where the stamper used her corner slot punch to make a circle frame that was just gorgeous. I didn't have the punch she used in her video, so used one I had. To see that card, go to the September 24th post. I finally bought the punch she used and made the card above. I just love this punch.

I decided I wanted to make a birthday card using this technique, so began with a 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" blue base card. I made the frame in a darker blue then backed it with some decorative floral paper. Then I stamped 'Happy Birthday' on a small piece of the same shade of blue and backed it with a darker blue. I tied a sheer white ribbon around the front of the card and attached the Happy Birthday piece.

December 10, 2008

It's Snowing!

Well, the weather man was right. At 4:18 P.M. after a little sleet, someone opened a box of salt in heaven (see post below). It's actually coming down pretty good and sticking to our deck. I was just fixing to brave the weather to run out to the mailbox when it begin. Mail can wait, I'm going to watch the snow for a while. This is so cool.

December 1, 2008

A Favorite Christmas Card

November was some month! One night I was on the computer and everything was fine. The next morning my computer completely crashed and I could not even log on. After getting someone to check it out, I learned there was no hope for I went out and bought a new one. The old one served me well, but this new one is great. This one is smaller and has a flat screen monitor and I love it! With that said, I apologize for not posting much in November.

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I'd share one of my favorite Christmas card designs. It's easy to make and for this card I used a center image of a tea bag folded medallion. The Merry Christmas image is from Impression Obsession and the sentiment at the bottom is a Stampin' Up! image.

November 6, 2008

Memories of Christmas Past

Memories, memories...I just entered a crafter's blog candy give-away which brought back such fond memories. We were to leave a comment about one of our best Christmas memories. My memory was the Christmas when I was 6 or 7 years old. That Christmas eve my family (all but Dad) went to spend the evening with a great aunt. My dad stayed home to make sure Santa could get in our house because we didn't have a chimney. When we got back home Santa had passed and Dad had a story to tell!

He told us that he heard something loud and someone calling for help. When he went into the front room he saw Santa stuck in the front door holding his bag of toys. Dad tried to help him out, but Santa was really stuck. He told us he had to get a 2 x 4 piece of wood and wedge it into the door to 'pry' Santa out of the doorway. Thankfully, that did the trick and Santa was able to come in and leave our toys.

I always think about that story this time of the year. Dad's no longer here and I wish I could tell him about that special memory he gave me. Do you have a special memory about Christmas as a child? I bet you do! Have a great holiday season.

October 20, 2008

Changes's a cold morning in Conroe. I don't know exactly why, but Conroe is always a few degrees cooler than Houston. This morning it's 50-degrees and I am wishing I had a nice warm pair of booties to wear. It's going to be a beautiful day though, and I'm hoping to get a few cards made. I decided to start the day off by changing the look of my blog. I'm tired of the dots so I've decided to give it a clean, fresh, simple look.

I'm typing today on my brand new Microsoft (curved) keyboard. I learned a lesson over the weekend. The lesson is...if you bring your hot cup of coffee to your computer desk (so you can drink it while surfing the web) then there is a chance the cup will get knocked over and something will be damaged. Don't know how it happened...probably reaching for the mouse...but my entire cup of coffee ended up in my keyboard yesterday. Thankfully, we were shopping at Walmart last night when I told my husband, "I need a new keyboard." When he asked "Why?", I told him simply, "Because the other one isn't working right." Sometimes it's best not to give too much information or a lecture will follow. :} So the conversation ended and I now have a nice new curved keyboard.

October 14, 2008

I'm Finally Hooked Up!

The phone company truck just left and I finally have the Internet!!! I am so happy. I had to have a phone jack put in my stamping studio so I could get DSL, but hey...the $125 was worth it. Can you believe it...$125 for two guys to put in one little phone jack in about ten minutes. Oh well...I've got the Internet, so who cares.

October 6, 2008

Waiting on the Internet

It's been a few weeks since Hurricane Ike and although things have been getting back to normal, I still don't have the Internet hooked up in Conroe. Looks like I will finally have it on Monday the 13th...I can't wait. I've been going to the library to use their computers and then today I discovered an Internet Cafe less than half a mile from my home. Go figure! I'm still working on cards and hopefully will be able to post the one's I've made next week. Until then, please excuse the lack of posts on my blog. Once I get the Internet set up in Conroe, I will do more blogging.

The weather here has turned cool and I love it. Really puts me in a stamping mood. The granddaughters and I made Frankenstein cards a few days ago and that was really fun. No stamping, just punching circles for eyes, nose and drawing in the mouth and scars. Until next post...have a wonderful Autumn.

September 20, 2008

Surviving Ike

I'm happy to say that we survived that awful 'guy' named Ike. At first we thought he would miss us, then he decided to come right up one of our major freeways, pass right over our new house in Conroe and continue on his rampage to the upper states! Thankfully, we are alive and well and slowly getting back to normal. There was so much damage to the coastal areas and the Houston area looks like a war zone. The power is slowly coming back and we are recovering.

Damage to our Conroe home was minimal...a few shingles blown off and a couple of leaks, but nothing major. We got to meet new neighbors who were so generous with ice, water and even offered to share their generators on a rotating basis! Back in Houston we had one bit of damage...the roof and ceiling over my old stamping studio. A large limb broke off a huge tree and hit the roof bending it in. The ceiling cracked and a little water came in, but nothing else was damaged. Thankfully all my stamping supplies and computer were already in my new studio in Conroe.

A few days after 'Ike' I decided to get busy making cards again (by sunlight coming through the window). It was really good therapy and I hope to upload some of the new cards soon. Thanks to all for your concern. God is good.

August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsey

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. She's all of 22. I can't even remember being 22. I made the card below for her using one of my newest stamps from Rubber Stampede. I've bought this Hydrangea stamp many times to give as a gift, but never bought myself one until recently. It's such a pretty image and for this card I copied the color pattern shown on the stamp index. Love it! Wish I had a whole bouquet of them to give her, but she will just have to settle for a cash gift. :}

July 25, 2008

We're Moving!

It's we closed on the new house in Conroe, Texas. Excited, yes...anxious, yes...scared, much to do. My focus the past few months has been getting items for the kitchen. I now have lots of pretty apple items to turn the new kitchen into a cozy country kitchen. The kitchen will not take too much work, but the room that will be my new stamping studio will be a challenge. Teenagers occupied the room before and painted the wall in a dark blue and black color...uggggh. Looks like a base coat of blue and then feathered application of the black...what were they thinking?!!!

My first priority is to try and cover the old paint with a good primer followed by a nice warm grown-up color. I will be so happy when that step is completed so I can move all my stuff in the room. The thing I hate is the transition time...can't make cards, can't use computer, have everything in boxes. Oh well, 'such is life', as my husband would say. For now I will be content to have my studio up and running here while the painting is being done. So hopefully, by the start of September I'll be blogging from my new studio (and loving the space I'm in!).

June 2, 2008

Red, Red Roses

This is one one the first Stampin' Up! stamps I ever owned. It's the stipple roses and when I made this card, it became a favorite image. The way I got the color so bright on the roses is by stamping a separate image on some paper and cutting out the roses and leaves separate, making a stencil. I then just sponged on the colors until it was the way I wanted it. I used a corner punch to give it a little more interest.

May 12, 2008

Let's get started...

I need incentive! So how do I get it? I get it by starting a blog. I want to stamp more, I want to post my creations, so I am attempting to get myself going with my new blog...Creative Heart Designs. The name comes from my little stamping studio where I do all of my paper crafting.

To start things off I am going to post a photo of one of my favorite cards. I love layers, and this card has several.

I used Evo (square) templates for cutting all the layers. I alternated black and decorative black/cream paper to build up the visual aspect. Then for the center (top layer) I simply stamped and embossed (in white) the Hero Arts Cup of Roses image on black. Size of card is 6" x 6".