July 25, 2008

We're Moving!

It's done...today we closed on the new house in Conroe, Texas. Excited, yes...anxious, yes...scared, yes...so much to do. My focus the past few months has been getting items for the kitchen. I now have lots of pretty apple items to turn the new kitchen into a cozy country kitchen. The kitchen will not take too much work, but the room that will be my new stamping studio will be a challenge. Teenagers occupied the room before and painted the wall in a dark blue and black color...uggggh. Looks like a base coat of blue and then feathered application of the black...what were they thinking?!!!

My first priority is to try and cover the old paint with a good primer followed by a nice warm grown-up color. I will be so happy when that step is completed so I can move all my stuff in the room. The thing I hate is the transition time...can't make cards, can't use computer, have everything in boxes. Oh well, 'such is life', as my husband would say. For now I will be content to have my studio up and running here while the painting is being done. So hopefully, by the start of September I'll be blogging from my new studio (and loving the space I'm in!).