September 20, 2008

Surviving Ike

I'm happy to say that we survived that awful 'guy' named Ike. At first we thought he would miss us, then he decided to come right up one of our major freeways, pass right over our new house in Conroe and continue on his rampage to the upper states! Thankfully, we are alive and well and slowly getting back to normal. There was so much damage to the coastal areas and the Houston area looks like a war zone. The power is slowly coming back and we are recovering.

Damage to our Conroe home was minimal...a few shingles blown off and a couple of leaks, but nothing major. We got to meet new neighbors who were so generous with ice, water and even offered to share their generators on a rotating basis! Back in Houston we had one bit of damage...the roof and ceiling over my old stamping studio. A large limb broke off a huge tree and hit the roof bending it in. The ceiling cracked and a little water came in, but nothing else was damaged. Thankfully all my stamping supplies and computer were already in my new studio in Conroe.

A few days after 'Ike' I decided to get busy making cards again (by sunlight coming through the window). It was really good therapy and I hope to upload some of the new cards soon. Thanks to all for your concern. God is good.