October 6, 2008

Waiting on the Internet

It's been a few weeks since Hurricane Ike and although things have been getting back to normal, I still don't have the Internet hooked up in Conroe. Looks like I will finally have it on Monday the 13th...I can't wait. I've been going to the library to use their computers and then today I discovered an Internet Cafe less than half a mile from my home. Go figure! I'm still working on cards and hopefully will be able to post the one's I've made next week. Until then, please excuse the lack of posts on my blog. Once I get the Internet set up in Conroe, I will do more blogging.

The weather here has turned cool and I love it. Really puts me in a stamping mood. The granddaughters and I made Frankenstein cards a few days ago and that was really fun. No stamping, just punching circles for eyes, nose and drawing in the mouth and scars. Until next post...have a wonderful Autumn.