January 28, 2010

You've got 'Male'

My neighbor and friend, Fran, is turning 65 tomorrow. She is an avid collector...lighthouses, Elvis items, Coca Cola items and Nascar. She has a room for each collectible and her house is so neat and organized that it's a joy to visit her. For her birthday I wanted to make her something featuring her favorite Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon. I know he is a favorite because she even has a race car tire autographed by him in one of the rooms!

I had these little metal mailboxes from Target so decided to make her a Jeff Gordon mailbox. I downloaded several photos and made a cover for the mailbox, added two of his best photos to the front and back, then filled it with Jeff Gordon candy bars (mini Kit Kats covered with a wrapper I made). On the bottom I added a tag that reads...'Happy Birthday Fran! You've got 'Male'. I think it came out wonderful! I can't wait to give it to her.