November 16, 2011

Rudolph Holiday Card

During the Christmas holidays I like to make origami reindeer out of $5 bills to give to that waiter or waitress that really deserves a good tip. The look on their face when they try to figure out what I've just given them is priceless.

I decided I wanted to make a holiday card with Rudolph, so came up with the card below. I started with a red base card (tent style) and added a scallop-punched layer to the front. I stamped Happy Holidays, a Stampin' Up! image, at the bottom. I then made a frame for my reindeer, and attached it to the center with a pop dot. I love making these little reindeer.

November 2, 2011


This morning I thought I'd make a card using some translucent vellum. I don't normally use vellum so I was wondering how it would take the ink. I used Stampin' Up! real red ink and it worked beautifully and dried fast.

The card was made by attaching a printed layer onto a 5" x 7" white base card, adding a punched border piece at the bottom then adding the vellum overlay. To make sure the vellum stayed on, I attached a brad at each corner. This little card is heading to Australia. Sure hope it makes it.