July 22, 2017

Something Wonderful

I was looking through photos of some of the cards I've made in the past and decided to re-make a butterfly card I came across. I had made the card for a challenge which used a single sentiment with a die cut butterfly and two types of decorative paper, one at the bottom of the card and one on the left side of the card. So I made a couple of white A-2 cards, gathered up the paper I wanted to use, then set out to duplicate the original. I carefully placed the first decorative paper strip at the bottom of the card...then I noticed I had the card upside down. Okay, do I start over or just see how this is going to work out?

I finished the card, continuing to follow the original design, and I absolutely loved the result. This card looks better with the strip at the top than at the bottom. So out of a mistake in design, a better design was accomplished. I liked it so much I made a few more cards (same design) in blue.

Butterfly Die Cut - Joy Crafts
Sentiment - Quiltfire Design (Canadian Company)

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